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Exceeding Expectations

"If everything seems under control, you aren't driving fast enough."


"Losers quit when they fail. Winners fail until they succeed."


"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you."

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With my dad as my crew chief, my brother as my teammate and my mom as my biggest fan, I started racing at the age of 5.  What began as a weekend hobby quickly fueled a racing passion and a desire to WIN. 

Looking forward to taking the next step in my evolution as a professional race car driver racing sprint cars.

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Career Accomplishments

  • 2013 Rookie Driver of the Year

  • 2014 two time Champion Yamaha Cadet

  • 2014 Junior Driver of the Year

  • 2015 two time Champion Yamaha Junior
  • 2015 Junior Driver of the Year

  • 2016 two time Champion Yamaha Junior

  • 2017 Yamaha Junior Champion

  • 2017 Yamaha Junior National Runner-Up​

  • 2018 IAME X30 Junior Champion

  • 2019 IAME X30 Senior Champion

  • 2019 IAME TaG Lite Runner-Up

  • 2020 First Career Sprint Car Start

  • 2020 First feature win at Paragon Speedway

  • 2020 Gas City Speedway Rookie Driver of the Year

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